Spinal cord stimulation, physical therapy help paralyzed man to stand, and walk with assistance. #WATWB


The #WATWB was created as a mission to negate the overwhelming negativity that has been present in our social media streams. For every negative news story in the world, there are plenty of positive, uplifting stories that show hope, compassion and the resiliency of everyday people who face insurmountable challenges. Our hope is to share heartwarming stories that lift the human spirit.
Eric Lahti, Inderpreet Uppal, Shilpa Garg, Sylvia Stein, and Peter Nena. The last Friday of every month bloggers will share their stories led by six co-hosts.

The past few weeks for me and my family have only been full of negative news about the health of my husband, and I was going to have a few months hiatus but when I saw this piece of news, I remembered my favorite quote which is “When the world says give up ~ Hope says to try one more time.”

I just had to share my husband’s health his getting a little better day by day.  He has a long way to go, but positive articles like this and the others shared here help a lot.