Professor Owl’s Book Corner ~ Weekly Book Review ~ November 5, 2016

Star Wars: Ahsoka Audible – Unabridged

E. K. Johnston (Author), Ashley Eckstein (Narrator), Listening Library (Publisher)


Fans have long wondered what happened to Ahsoka after she left the Jedi Order near the end of the Clone Wars and before she reappeared as the mysterious Rebel operative Fulcrum in Rebels. Finally her story will begin to be told.

Following her experiences with the Jedi and the devastation of Order 66, Ahsoka is unsure she can be part of a larger whole ever again. But her desire to fight the evils of the Empire and protect those who need it will lead her right to Bail Organa – and the Rebel Alliance.

Amazing story. Like most people Ashoka is my favorite from Clone Wars and was excited when this book showed up for pre-order. I rarely finish a book in a day but I did this one. I was disappointed when I realized I had finished it, I wanted more! Please tell me there is at least a second book on the way very soon.

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Professor Owl’s Book Corner ~ Weekly Book Review ~ September 10th. 2016

Prince of Outcasts

a novel of the Change

First edition.

By Stirling S.M. (Author)


Summary/Review: “”[An] epic series, “* the Novels of the Change by New York Times bestselling author S.M. Stirling chronicle a postapocalyptic landscape of medieval and mystical monarchies ruling and warring across a world where mysterious Powers removed advanced technology. A new alliance has been forged between the High Kingdom of Montival and the Empire of Great Japan, but at the cost of a lost prince … John Arminger Mackenzie wanted to be a troubadour, but fate made him the son of the King of Montival. His sister Princess Ólaith will deservedly inherit the throne of the High Kings, and it will pass on to him only in the event of her death, leaving the young prince on an unknown path to discover his true role in the family. The opportunity to prove his mettle comes when John’s ship, the Tarshish Queen, is caught in the fierce storm raised against the enemies of the alliance. When the clouds recede and the skies clear, John and his crew find themselves on the other side of the Pacific, in the island chains of the Ceram Sea, fighting to survive against vicious pirates and monstrous creatures of the deep while meeting new allies and mysterious enemies of this world and another. Now Prince John must seize his birthright and lead his people in battle against the darkest forces man and nature can conjure against them”-

Released September 6th. 2016

Author Notes:

Stephen Michael Stirling is a French-born Canadian-American science fiction and fantasy author. His Birthday is September 30, 1953. He has lived in several countries and currently resides in the United States in New Mexico with his wife. He is probably best known for his Draka series of novels and his more recent time travel/alternate history Nantucket series and Emberverse series. In 2014 his title The Golden Princess made The New York Times Best Seller List.

(Bowker Author Biography)


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Professor Owl’s Book Corner ~ Book of the week ~ 5th. November, 2015

THE PSYCHIC: A Young Adult Paranormal Thriller (THE PSYCHIC SERIES Book 1)

To be released Dec 14 2015

Author ~ Rupert Fox

The Pyschicf



Product Description:

PSYCHIC: A person appearing or considered to have powers of telepathy or clairvoyance.

Sixteen-year-old Elizabeth Wood is the sole survivor of a car crash that killed her parents when she was only six. Haunted by her reoccurring dreams, she seeks the help of a psychic named Alex.

Having discovered she has clairvoyant powers of her own, Elizabeth finds herself plunged deeper into the weird and mysterious world of the paranormal.

When a young girl is kidnapped, Elizabeth experiences strange psychic visions, resulting in the police locating one of the kidnapper’s hideouts.

But when a second girl is found dead, the police lose faith, leaving Elizabeth and Alex to hunt down the kidnapper on their own.


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Professor Owl’s Book Corner ~ Book of the week ~ 23rd. October, 2015

The Halloween Tree Paperback

by Ray Bradbury (Author), Joseph Mugnaini (Illustrator

The Halloween Tree


Special indeed are holiday stories with the right mix of high spirits and subtle mystery to please both adults and children–Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol,” for example. Or Ray Bradbury’s classic The Halloween Tree. Eight boys set out on a Halloween night and are led into the depths of the past by a tall, mysterious character named Moundshroud. They ride on a black wind to autumn scenes in distant lands and times, where they witness other ways of celebrating this holiday about the dark time of year. Bradbury’s lyrical prose whooshes along with the pell-mell rhythms of children running at night, screaming and laughing, and the reader is carried along by its sheer exuberance.

Bradbury’s stories about children are always attended by dread–of change, adulthood, death. The Halloween Tree, while sweeter than his adult literature, is also touched at moments by the cold specter of loss–which is only fitting, of course, for a holiday in honor of the waning of the sun.

This is a great book to read at Halloween time, for young and old alike. It captures the feeling of being a kid in a small town on Halloween and going trick or treating. Of course, the trick and the treat is that we are taken back through time to see how Halloween began: from ancient Egypt, through the Celtic Samhain, up to Bradbury’s day. For anyone to whom Halloween is a special time of year, this is a book to read.


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