Professor Owl’s Book Corner ~ Variety Village News Board ~ October 21st., 2013


Learning to become a responsible, independent member of society can be difficult for any young adult. But for young adults with developmental disabilities, it can be very challenging. To help these young adults, Variety Village offers a program called LINKS, which stands for Lifestyle, Independence, Nutrition, Knowledge, and Sports. This program enables its members to develop confidence and learn life skills essential to their independence in the community.

Through educational and fun programs such as Physical Fitness, Nutritional Planning, Creativity and Healthy Living, each member becomes more self-aware and self-reliant. The LINKS program is like a “home away from home” for its members.

While some programs include time in the gym or pool being physically active, others include:


The creative process of arts and crafts helps to improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being of individuals of all ages. It is based on the belief that the creative process involved in creative self-expression.


This program has both preventive and therapeutic benefits. It has been shown to offer both physical and mental benefits to the body and the mind.


This program gives the participants a chance to explore and learn through hands on experiments. The program is focused on learning about different aspects of the world around us. The goals of this program are to form an understanding of simple and somewhat complicated action and reaction experiments.


This is an activity that happens on a weekly basis every Thursday morning. The LINKS group organizes a breakfast service that serves hot and fresh breakfast meals that are available to all of the staff and participants of the building. Each week we have a different special that will be served and that is prepared right on the spot. This program gives the participants a chance to experience a job oriented environment and it also helps the LINKS program earn money which can be used for other activities.


This program focuses on the understanding of plant life and how to manage your own plants. The program starts from the ground up focusing on how plants start to develop, what they need for proper development and also regular maintenance for a long healthy life. Along with the hands on aspect of planting, fertilizing and watering their plants, participants will be involved in a classroom setting where discussions will be facilitated around what the best practices are for growing certain types of plants. Participants will also have a first hand look at what affects their plants growth through a statistical bookkeeping procedure which involves measuring their plants on a weekly basis.

For additional information on the LINKS program, download the registration package and read our brochure. Feel free to contact uswith any other questions or concerns about the LINKS program – call Cathy Price,, LINKS Coordinator 416.699.7167 x

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Professor Owl’s Book Corner – Book of the Week of February 18th,2013

The Awkward Owl (An Awkward Owl Reader)

 ~ Illustrated Picture Book~ by Shawnda Blake (Aug 18 2012)

– Kindle eBook

CDN$ 2.99 Kindle Edition

 The Awkward Owl

This is a wonderful little story about a cute little owl, who just could not seem to learn how to fly.  In fact he was already to give up.  Then one day a sweet little girl finds him after he had crashed, smack into a tree during one attempt at flying.  She takes him home with her and looked after him until he was better, she then helps him to find his confidence so that he could fly and soar into the sky.

This is a beautiful story with colourful illustration, I am sure this book will help many children who are having difficulties in learning new things, and encourage them to keep trying, and help them to find confidence in themselves also.

Publisher: Awkward Owl Media, LLC | Age Level: 3 and up | #1 AMAZON BEST SELLER