Professor Owl’s Book Corner ~ February 23rd. 2022

Professor Owls Book Corner still wants you all to stay safe by wearing your masks, maintaining distances required and washing hands in the hope that Covid 19 and all its variants will soon be back to normal.  A lot of countries are now hoping for us all to get back to normal but in the meantime stay safe.

Remember however, if you need someone to help you with homework, or with problems you are experiencing we are listing some numbers and links below where you can receive help Kids Help Phone Call 1-800-668-6868 (toll-frbaee) or text CONNECT to 686868. Available24hours a day to Canadians aged 5 to 29 who want confidential and anonymous care from trained responders. To access support through Facebook Messenger, see the Kids Help Phone



Pink Shirt Day – Wednesday February 23

On Wednesday, February 23, 2022, all HWDSB students and staff are encouraged to wear a pink shirt in honour of Pink Shirt Day – a day to raise awareness and stand up against bullying.

Pink Shirt or Anti-Bullying Day is recognized annually in communities across Canada. Individuals in schools and workplaces come together by wearing pink shirts to show they are against bullying. The focus for Pink Shirt Day 2022 is “Lift Each Other Up”. “Today our diversity is becoming more visible than ever as people continue to embrace their cultures, identities, and true selves in more open and direct ways; making the need to Lift Each Other Up and have greater acceptance, respect, and inclusion for everyone so important.” (



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