Professor Owl’s Book Corner ~ January 11th., 2022

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Since most countries are again in lock-down due to Covid 19 and its variable attacks, most of you are back into Virtual Learning.  We will try to find as many tips as possible and ideas to make this easier for you and provide special help available that will be updated on a weekly basis starting Wednesday in 2022.

Professor Owl wants you to stay safe by wearing your masks, washing hands and be aware of personal distancing, and hopefully things will get back to normal soon.

Join us next Wednesday, January 19,2022.

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A White Herron

By Sarah Orne Jewett

If you followed our Nature Corner last year and are interested in learning more about birds and nature, you will love this book.

Jewett’s short articles were rejected in her lifetime as “simple sketches” of regional life. If you want fast-moving action-based plots, these are not your thing.  The short, loosely organised pieces in this collection are wonderful images of a time, place, and lifestyle.

In the domestic world of 19th century women, as well as New England, are painted with a light brush. People interested in early ecology/realism will find “A White Heron” a picture of a growing awareness of humanity/nature’s connection.

You may have to read this for a high school or college English course, and if so, read it with the expectation of snapshots of American life that tell a lot about the author’s life, too.

In “A White Heron,” Sylvia moves to the country, where she discovers the beauty of the white heron. A young hunter attempts to charm the heron’s location out of her, but she refuses to give it to him. Sylvia is eight at the beginning of the story. She is described as “a child of nature” and has a deep affection for her cow, Mistress Moolly.

When a stranger visits her grandmother’s farm, little Sylvia has a problem. The stranger is looking for birds, and especially a white heron. Sylvia can lead him to a heron, but she loves the bird. She loves the young man too – and he is a hunter. What, she wonders, is the right thing to do?

This is a varied collection of great American short stories for readers of all ages which I really enjoyed, and highly recommend.

Available from,,


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