Don’t Underestimate Me! ~ July #DisabilityAwareness #WATWB

Welcome to the “We are the World Blogfest” (#WATWB ). The #WATWB was inspired by a simple conversation about how all the negativity on social media was weighing on us. Wanting to make a difference, we decided to try to do our part to infuse social media with all the good stories that are out there. We hope to share the stories that show kindness, compassion, hope, overcoming challenges and in general, the impressive resilience of the human spirit. For every dark, negative story out there, there is a positive, heartwarming story that will add some light and lift the human spirit. #WATWB was started in  2017, this month marks our forty-eight opportunity to share positive uplifting stories to inspire, give hope and motivate othersThe last Friday of every month bloggers share their stories led by two co-hosts, this month’s co-hosts are myself Sylvia McGrath and Belinda Witzenhausen.

Those who know me can tell you how passionate I am about writing and promoting Disability awareness. Although originally filmed for the International Day of People with Disabilities 2018, I think it’s a message that should be shared everyday! Don’t Underestimate Me is a wonderful video that speaks volumes and I am sharing it for this month’s #WATWB.

For more information about #WATWB or to join us and help spread positive stories like this click here.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Underestimate Me! ~ July #DisabilityAwareness #WATWB

  1. Hi Sylvia – this is such a brilliant video – yes ‘You Can’ … and we’re about to see a great many of ‘You Cans’ in the Paralympics coming up in Tokyo …

    I learnt so much from the London 2012 Paralympics … just incredible at the talent – as the organisers included culture across London too … both for the Olympics and the Paraolympics …

    Outstanding #WATWB … thank you for this – cheers Hilary

    • Thank you Hilary, I am a supporter and follower of the Special Olympics for many years now. When we see these young people compete is quite something. I am looking forward to watching them again this year. Thank you for sharing and being such a an active member of WATWB.

  2. Such a lovely video Sylvia and a great post for #WATWB thank you. Yep, never underestimate those with disabilities. I know a Down’s Syndrome woman who swam for SA many years ago, bringing gold home for our country. and the paralympics always is outstanding.

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