Professor Owl’s Book Corner ~ 28th. June 2021 Book of the week.

We are again at the end of June, and as in previous years we usually do not publish our newsletter in the months of July and August, and start in September with our back to school issue.

It seems that most people now have had their COVID19 shots and hopefully by the end of summer things should be on the way to a normal life again, and getting out with your friends.

As in previous years we will still keep our books of the week online, and have some really great New Books to review for you so stay with us to keep with us for some exciting reads.

Around Curiosity’s Edge: Hidden Meridians

by J.P. Hostetler  (Author)

A hidden world waits, a dark society schemes, and a ship sails to protect that which cannot be lost.

Salem Swan knows none of this as he arrives in Easterly. He knows only that he misses his recently deceased mother, that his new guardian, his uncle Ulysses is unique, and that the boat which will now be his home is unlike anything he has ever seen.

Fearful of this new reality, Salem starts to ask questions that uncover the truth about his distant uncle, his long-gone father, and the true nature of the ship. The answers lead him into a place of myth and legend, where fantastic creatures wage an ages-old war with a radical group bent on eliminating them forever.

Rich with mythology from around the world, Hidden Meridians is the first installment of a fantasy series that takes readers into that place that is just around Curiosity’s edge.

I just love this fantasy story, as Salem discovered a magical mystical world, his past, and an impending war, he faced his hardships head on and tried his best to survive and thrive. Salem the main character and secondary character  and storyline where very well developed

The writing style was exceptionally beautiful; the story was well paced and held my attention to the end. as the plot developed and built up, I found that I could not put the book down until I reached the last page.
I look forward to the next book,  and the next adventure. I Recommend this book  to every Fantasy lover, especially the young readers, you will not be disappointed.

I would like to thank NetGalley for the opportunity of reading and reviewing this exciting book.

This book is available from, and other fine bookstores.


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