Professor Owls Book Corner ~ Weekly Book Reviews ~ 28th. June, 2020

This week we have picked another two adventure eBook mysteries to read on your eReader, you can also download them to your computer to a desktop program. Although they were written about several years ago, and do have some religious notations, they are a nail-biting series that really does keep you guessing right up to the last page.

They were written  between 1996 – 2002, and all together there are six books  in the Parker Twins Series available on Amazon some for $0.00 – Again, I read them out of sequence, but they do stand on their own and nothing spoilt the stories or the enjoyment of a great read.

Parker Twins:

1. Cave of the Inca Re (1998)
2. Jungle Hideout (1999)
3. Captured in Colombia (1999)
4. Mystery At Death Canyon (1996)
5. Secret of the Dragon Mark (1996)
6. Race for the Secret Code (2002)

Our books are picked for middle grades or young adults

Captured in Colombia

Parker Twins Series Book 3) Kindle Edition

by Jeanette Windle (Author)

Captured in Colombia.jpgf

When Uncle Pete is kidnapped by Colombian guerrillas, Justin and Jenny Parker must find him before a nearby volcano erupts. But that means deciding whether to trust a new friend—and whether betrayal deserves forgiveness.



(Parker Twins Series Book 5) Kindle Edition

by Jeanette Windle (Author)

The Patker Twins The Dragon Markf

When twins Justin and Jenny Parker witness mysterious men in black terrorizing business owners in a local Vietnamese neighborhood, they want to see justice done. They join forces with a friend who lives in the neighborhood to expose the gang. But as they become targets of those with the dragon mark, they discover that standing up for faith and friendship can mean stepping over the line of their own personal safety.

About the Author

Jeanette Windle

Jeanette Windle.jpgf

Jeanette Windle grew up daughter of American missionaries in South America, where she canoed in jungle rivers, hiked the steep Andes trails, and swung from vines off cliffs into mountain pools. She has since lived in six countries and traveled in more than thirty. Her experiences have birthed eight YA novels, including the Parker Twins Series, and seven adult international intrigue novels, including bestselling Veiled Freedom, Freedom’s Stand, and Congo Daw.

Books are available from, and other fine book stores.

Do not forget to look for another couple of books in next week’s picks.


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