Professor Owls Weekly Book Review ~ June 20th, 2020

As promised last week, I was able to get copies of Books one and two of the Samantha Wolf Series, they are both a quick read, and were books that kept me guessing right to the very last page.  If you want to read a good mystery this series is for you.

Although I did read book three first, the new books were not spoilt for me as each book can stand on its own.

I really enjoyed these two as much as last week’s story and gave both books five stars.

At the bottom of the page are more books in this series, and Amazon does still have a couple of them on for $0.00 and they are all available for eReaders.

 The Mystery of Hollow Inn

 (Book #1 in the Samantha Wolf Mysteries Series)

Hollow InnF

by Tara Ellis

Twelve-year-old Samantha Wolf, and her best friend Ally, are excited to spend part of their summer break in the mountains of Montana. But unbeknownst to them, Hollow Inn is bathed in mystery and legend. After arriving, they soon discover that things are not going well for Sam’s Aunt and Uncle, who own the Inn. There’s vandalism, ghostly sightings, and rumors of lost treasures. Determined to help, Sam and Ally embark on a challenging journey to find the truth.

 The Secret of Camp Whispering Pines

(Book #2 in the Samantha Wolf Mysteries Series)

Whispering pines_F

By Tara Ellis

What could be better than hiking, swimming, and horseback riding? Having a mystery to solve, of course!

When Sam and Ally go off to summer camp together, they discover the secrets of Camp Whispering Pines. Set in the beautiful, rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest, the clues are slowly revealed and it’s up to the two girls to figure it out.

New friendships are formed, while at the same time enemies lurk nearby. The closer they get to uncovering the truth behind the camp, the further they are pushed into danger and deceit. Can Sam and Alley put all the pieces together before it’s too late? Follow them on another thrilling tale filled with excitement and adventure, along misty, high mountain trails, and deep ravines, where the answers wait to be found!

All the Books in this series:

Book 1 The Mystery of Hollow Inn
Book 2 The Secret of Camp Whispering Pines
Book 3 The Beach House Mystery
Book 4 The Heiress of Covington Ranch
Book 5 The Haunting of Eagle Creek Middle School
Book 6 A Mysterious Christmas on Orcas Island

Book 7 The Case of the Curious Canine

Book 8 The Legend of Shadow Mountain

Book 9 The Mystery of Old Gully Trail

Book 10 Return to Hollow Inn

Book 11 The Secret of Sanctuary

All books are available from Amazon and other fine book stores.

Do not forget to drop by next week for a new book, check our blog too during the week, as we do add new book suggestions several time  as we get them., and




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