Professor Owl’s Book Corner ~ Covid-19 Special Edition 2 ~ April 10 2020

It has been several weeks since due to the virus Covid19 people in most countries have been requested by their Governments to practice ” Personal Distancing” when  out in the streets of cities and towns.  Every one was told to stay home, wash your hands frequently no visiting family, playing sports,  going out with friends, in fact in most countries business have closed their doors and workers have been laid off or are working from home.   Hospitals, Senior Homes, Stores and other businesses that are are essential businesses like buses, transport drivers also doctors, nurses, caregivers, police and firemen, some who deal with people in stores,  are wearing masks; in every else MUST stay at home and if you have to shop get it over quickly and get back home as soon as you can. In most countries, schools are closed, and most young people miss their friends and family that do not live close by.

Parks and playground are closed so as not to spread the virus and if you do walk on the streets to keep personal distancing in mind keep  6ft or 2 meters away from other people all this will help us get back to normal quicker, and as the Mayor of my city recently said it is OK  not to be Ok, there are phone lines where children and adults can call for assurance, ask questions and just tell them how and why you are worried.

All this makes it very hard on families especially parents, who may have some have financial problems if their hours have been cut, some are very anxious about their children getting the Covid-19 or their parents in a nursing home or family who live a distance away.

Teenagers and young adults are just not made for isolation which makes COVID-19 especially hard on you. First,you must try to see the big picture and how it can affect your family. Everywhere parents are worried about getting their son or daughter into a safe place.

Social isolation is hard for humans of all ages. But because you are teenagers or young adult you are more attuned to social status than the rest of us, it is even more profoundly distressing for you.

You are generally so attuned to social status you may get touchy about whether, or not your parents are treating you like a child, when they insist that you stay home in sheltered place.

By acting like competent young adults rather than little kid you can contribute to your household in meaningful ways. By helping with meal preparation and household cleaning. Keeping conflict low amid tight quarters is a meaningful contribution.

Planning fun activities for the family to do together might be the most essential contribution of all!

By managing yourself, schoolwork, and other responsibilities without being nagged or cajoled does not mean that you won’t be engaged with them. It does mean however, that they will probably give you space to operate freely within the limits agreed to as a family.

Acknowledge that all of this is so hard. Many students coming home from school are experiencing significant losses right now. Your feelings of grief, anxiety, stress, and isolation are hard to cope with. One of the great lessons of adulthood is that they can do hard things  ~ So can you!

You can also tap into your high attunement to the social world by emphasizing how your lives do have a purpose, meaning, and impact on other people.

Ask yourself ~

How are your actions directly affecting the course of this crisis?

What do you genuinely care most about in this crisis?

Above all, please see that this situation is not about what you want or expect from life. It’s about what life is expecting from you right now. Your parents and everyone expect you to rise to the occasion; to be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.

With that in mind, please enjoy  the topics and ideas we give you this week, I know that many of you are celebrating religious holiday that come up within it  the next week or two.

Try some of the ideas on your own, or ask your parents or sibling to enjoy them too and try to forget what is happening outside you front door.

PON blank red dividerVIRTUAL TOURS

Take a virtual trip ~ to some fun places.

How to go on an adventure without leaving your home.

Jellycam at Monterey Bay Aquarium

National Aquarium

PON blank red divider FUN STUFF

What To Do When You’re BORED At Home! 

  • Read a book.
  • Play a board game.
  • Hunt a Killer.
  • Make a pie.
  • Prepare dinner for the family.
  • Bake bread.
  • Make a bucket list of 100 things to do in their lifetime.

More items…

Online Activities for Teenagers

If you want to be online, but are tired of the old familiar websites and apps, these ideas might fit the bill.

Upload a video to YouTube – Create a video with an app such as iMovie, then upload your masterpiece to YouTube. Grab a video of your pet doing something cute, make a short film, do a gaming tutorial or make a stop motion movie.– If you haven’t downloaded this popular app yet, you’re missing out. Easily create lip-synced music videos with and share them with your social media circles.


Homeschool with IXL – Stay Engaged & Keep Learning –‎

Schools closed, worrying about getting behind check out this site 

Interactive and personalized online program.

Unlimited fun practice. Learn math,

English, science, & more. Trusted by 200,000+ parents.




Professor Owl’s Favourite Books

From the Professor Owls Book Corner Reviews


 Detention Land

Detention LandF

By Susan Orion

Throughout the book, Susan Orion’s writing is clear, detailed and humorous.  The author certainly got into the mind of a thirteen-year-old teen.  Rogers was a very relatable and believable character.  His thoughts and actions were reflective of the way children actually behave and think. Roger is thrown into detention constantly for his mischievous antics. I just had to solve the mystery of the disembodied voice speaking to Roger through the wall.  I found the book fun and enjoyable and could not put it down until I had finished it.

I would highly recommend this book for all ages not just the teens it was intended for.

Available from:,,

Detention Land

by Susan Orion | Sold by: Services LLC
Free with Kindle Unlimited membership
Or CDN$ 6.20 to buy


We hope you enjoy this issue, will be back next week with some more great ideas on keeping busy while you are at home.

“Stay safe and remember that Personal Distancing ~ and things will get better soon!”

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