Covid 19 ~ Silver Lining ~ Greta Thunberg,#WATWB

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The #WATWB was created as a mission to negate the overwhelming negativity that has been present in our social media streams. For every negative news story in the world, there are plenty of positive, uplifting stories that show hope, compassion and the resiliency of everyday people who face insurmountable challenges. Our hope is to share heartwarming stories that lift the human spirit.
The last Friday of every month bloggers will share their stories led by six co-hosts, this month’s co-host will be /code> – for Dan Antion – for Sylvia McGrath – – for Damyanti Biswas – – for Shilpa Garg – – for Belinda Witzehausen

By now, you are probably sick of all the bad news COVID19 has brought world wide. Cases are rising daily, new countries going into lockdown, travel plans just not happening. So far this year is not looking very bright, is it?

However, there is no need for us to feel like the end of the world is here. Over decades our parents and grandparents have survived as we will too.

There has been  a lot of harm to many people in so many ways as the result of COVID-19. It’s a sad and serious situation.

It has, however,  also brought people together. Political parties, city officials have all worked together to help ease the financial burdens for the families in need, changing laws to help being house bound a fear of losing one job a little more bearable.

We must not forget the wonderful nurses and doctors who have worked so hard in the hospitals and of course the first responders, and it is not over yet.  I would like to extend “A special thank you to all!”

Finding the silver lining in the dark cloud can be very difficult, but one upside to the situation could be found in our skies themselves. Greenhouse gas emissions have decreased significantly and could hit their lowest in decades.   Keeping this in mind, I would like to bring your attention to a special young lady who at a young age, is trying to make a difference worldwide and I am sure she just might make a difference.

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2019· A 16-year-old environmental activist from Sweden has been nominated for a 2019 Nobel Peace Prize, thanks to her efforts to halt climate change A 16-year-old environmental activist from Sweden …