Let’s change the way we think about disability | Joel Dembe | TEDxMississaug#WATWB

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The #WATWB was created as a mission to negate the overwhelming negativity that has been present in our social media streams. For every negative news story in the world, there are plenty of positive, uplifting stories that show hope, compassion and the resiliency of everyday people who face insurmountable challenges. Our hope is to share heartwarming stories that lift the human spirit.
The last Friday of every month bloggers will share their stories led by six co-hosts, this month’s co-hosts are: Shilpa Garg, Simon Falk Lizbeth Hartz Damyanti Biswas, Eric Lahti

 Professor Owl’s Book Corner has always been for and about children and young adults who in spite of their illness or disability have turned their lives around and have achieved the impossible. This young man really has made a possible difference to his and others lives. For more information or to join our #WATWB please click here]

Let’s change the way we think about disability | Joel Dembe | TEDxMississauga

Making an accessible Canada for people with disabilities …
The Government of Canada is building on this legacy to improve accessibility and promote inclusion for everyone in Canada. The Accessible Canada Act With the adoption of An Act to Ensure a Barrier-free Canada (Accessible Canada Act) , the Government of Canada is fulfilling its mandate promise to introduce new accessibility legislation.


9 thoughts on “Let’s change the way we think about disability | Joel Dembe | TEDxMississaug#WATWB

  1. I hope that things get better and more people realize the importance of allowing people to be as independent as possible. Perhaps it will begin with, if I were in this situation how would I feel and work its way from there. Thanks for sharing this story and for being a valued member of #WATWB.

  2. Joel Dembe’s talk is so inspiring and empowering. More power to his initiative which works on inclusion of people with disabilities in a meaningful way. Thanks for sharing about this story!

  3. Hi Sylvia – I’m coming back to listen to this … but totally endorse the fact we need to include everyone, and aid them in their needs to fulfil their lives more easily in their disadvantaged state. Many achieve so much too … thanks for this excellent #WATWB – cheers Hilary

    • Many thanks Hilary I was involved in giving workshops to some of the Cities in my area a few years ago. We would hold it in their town halls and show them were they needed to make changes. It has taken a while, but hopefully towns all over Canada in a few years.

  4. I’m also going to come back and listen to this Sylvia – but just to say that great on Canada for taking a stand to make life for those with disabilities, able to live their fullest life. I’m just commenting this time round, I did not put up a #WATWB post.

    • Thank you Susan, I was involved in workshops a few years ago, with different Cities in my area, we would go into the town halls and show them how their offices were just not prepared for this change, it has taken almost ten years,

  5. Hi Sylvia – eventually I got back … I was amazed at the praise he gave the London Paralympics – and I totally concur with him … we did do a pretty good job for the Paralympics. I wrote a lot about those Games … the Orchestra … the origin of the Games … et al. I started writing articles up in August and September 2012 … so there’s a lot of information if anyone is interested.

    I see Joel Dembe represented Canada at wheelchair tennis in London 2012 … and would have travelled a fair amount as the tennis was at Wimbledon, while the Olympic Park was in East London …

    I was somewhat shocked to see that the Paralympics wasn’t scheduled to be on air in North America … I’d have thought that would have been something that should have been showcased and thus set the example for future Olympics … we really went to town showcasing so many aspects of life … the orchestra, there were cultural events around Great Britain, in various cities and along the Thames …

    Thanks – now looking back … it has to be a huge big thumbs up to all who organised the 2012 Games – both Olympics and Paralympics and ancillary events … cheers Hilary

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