Professor Owls Book Corner~ June, 2019


Welcome to the June 2019 Edition of Professor Owl’s Newsletter! This month we’ll be highlighting some great books, offering some tips on how to get the most from your reading and…we would also like to encourage you to take Professor Owl’s Reading challenge, and if you would like to send us your reviews on the weekly books, we would love to include them in our books of the week. mail them to
Next month we are taking a break but check back with us throughout the summer for some awesome book reviews and events that will be happening with our favourite organizations every Saturday.
On August 15th. we will be back with our back-to-school edition!  



Many of you will probably be graduating this summer and are wondering what lies ahead, some of you may go onto University others may have jobs to go to or may be looking for a summer job.

Hopefully you will find some information below to help you on your way.
If not there are also lots of information like this online, even extra courses and books to help you make decision.

College and Alternatives for Students with Disabilities ……

Because of this, and because their right to an education is now better protected than ever, continuing after high school is now a natural next step for many students with disabilities or …

Congratulations to all – Graduating students ~ Everyone at Professor Owl’s Book Corner is hoping you have a wonderful summer and wish you all the very best in the years to come. 

Many of you will probably be graduating this summer and wondering what lies ahead, some of you may go onto University others may have jobs to go to or may be looking for a summer job.

Hopefully you will find some information below to help you on your way.
If not there are also lots of information like this online, even extra courses and books to help you make decision.

Funding: Canada Summer Jobs

Canada Summer Jobs is an initiative of the Youth Employment Strategy, which is the Government of Canada’s commitment to help young people between the ages of 15 and 30, particularly those facing barriers to employment, get the information and gain the skills, work experience and abilities they need to transition successfully into the labour market.

Ontario Resources for Persons with Disabilities. | Labour …

Learn about the services available to students with disabilities and special needs at universities and colleges across Canada. Madentec Ltd. Learn about the assistive technology available for people with physical disabilities.



graduation cap and diploma

Congratulations to all – Graduating students ~ Everyone at Professor Owl’s Book Corner is hoping you have a wonderful summer and wish you all the very best in the years to come.                                   

flying caps



 As we will not be posting to this section until August 15th.2019 for those of you who would like to continue improving their reading, follow the links below for some really good ideas for you to try.

Professor Owl would love to know what is working for you, that way we can introduce new things when we publish again in the fall.]




The Red Labyrinth 

By Meredith Tate.

Cover Red LaybrethF

To save the hero, she’ll have to team up with the villain. But in the labyrinth, nothing is as it seems.
The massive labyrinth was built to protect Zadie Kalvers’ isolated desert town. Unfortunately, living in the maze’s shadow makes her feel anything but safe. Even without its enchanted deathtraps and illusions, a mysterious killer named Dex lurks in its corridors, terrorizing anyone in his path.
But when Zadie’s best friend vanishes into the labyrinth-and everyone mysteriously forgets he exists- completing the maze becomes her only hope of saving him. In desperation, Zadie bribes the only person who knows the safe path through-Dex-into forming a tenuous alliance.
Navigating a deadly garden, a lethal blood-filled hourglass, and other traps-with an untrustworthy murderer for her guide-Zadie’s one wrong step from certain death. But with time running out before her friend (and secret crush) is lost forever, Zadie must reach the exit and find him. If Dex and the labyrinth don’t kill her first.

This book was a great read, with strong word building, and convincingly flawed charterers. The story had some great action sequences with a twist of a peak that will keep readers wanting more. This is another great book that I could not put down until I finished reading it. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Tate’s books.
I would like to thank NetGalley for the opportunity of reading and reviewing another great book.


Available from,, and other fine book stores.

About Author

Meredith Tate

Merideth Tate

Meredith Tate grew up in Concord, New Hampshire, where she discovered Harry Potter and subsequently fell in love with the many worlds of science fiction and fantasy. In college, Meredith began writing her first novel, which is now in a drawer somewhere where it belongs. Pursuing her love of travel, Meredith spent a semester in London and then backpacked in Europe for a month before earning her master’s degree in social work from the University of New Hampshire. After graduation, Meredith worked in the field in Boston for a few years before deciding to pursue her true dream of telling stories. Meredith and her husband spent three wonderful years in St. Louis, Missouri. They recently moved to Zurich, Switzerland as expats. Meredith spends her days eating cheese and chocolate by the lake, and writing stories about characters way braver than



Summer Journal Ideas


With summer just around the corner, many young writers will now have time to start or commit to their journaling practice. Here are a few ideas to help spark ideas. 

 Get Outside – Whether you go to a park, camping or even in your own back yard, write down what you discover. Write about the different plants, animals, or other natural elements you find.  Write about the smells, colours and most of all what you think and feel about the experience. Add doodles and you can even tape leaves and other natural elements inside the journal. 

Keep Your Vacation Memories Alive – Travelling this summer or planning to have a staycation right in your hometown? The best way to keep your memories alive is to keep a travel journal.  There is no right or wrong way to keep one, just do what comes naturally to you. 

Personally, I like to write about specific outings and create little sketches of the places I visit. I usually pack a pencil, small watercolour palette and a black pen.  The drawings are nowhere near perfect but just a quick impression of what I saw.  Not into sketching? How about using polaroids or printing off photos when you get home. The great thing about smartphones is that they are usually always on hand and ready to capture the perfect moment.  Write a note or two in your notebook, describe the place using your senses, what do you see, what sounds surround you, do you feel a cool breeze, did you try a new food, how did it taste? Once you get your photos, you can insert them into your journal alongside your thoughts to reinforce your memories. 

I also like to include little things like postcards, ticket stubs or pressed flowers, anything I can to keep that memory fresh when I look back in the colder months. All you need to start is a notebook of some sort, a pen, art supplies (if desired) a keen eye and a sense of adventure and you’re on your way! 

Review a Movie or TV Show – Summers are often filled with trips to the movies or staying home watching reruns on television. What movies have you seen? Would you recommend them? What did you like or dislike about each one? What TV programs do you watch? What is your favourite type, do you like mysteries, comedies, fantasy? What TV shows do you watch in rerun and why don’t you mind seeing them again? Write about what you like about each show and how you feel about some of the situations the characters are put in.   

 Response to a Song – Print out the lyrics to your favourite song and tape it inside your journal.  Write about how you can relate to the song. How do you feel when you listen to it? Does it bring back good or bad memories?  

Review a Book ~ Have you read a book that you enjoyed or even really disliked? Talk about the book and what you thought the strong and weak points were.  You can even create your own rating system so that you’ll be able to recommend books to other readers.  Hey, drop some of your favourite books in our comments section if you like.  

Writing Collage


Community Boards

Variety Village2



Discover ability-enhancing products and services, play adaptive sports and attend informative workshops. Register for free today!
This inaugural year will showcase programs and services promoting accessibility, inclusion, healthcare, sport, fitness, and healthy living at a premier accessible facility – Variety Village in Scarborough, Ontario.
In addition to Exhibitors, participants will have access to job fairs, parasport demonstrations, key note speakers, community award presentations and an opportunity for networking in the beer tent. The Access Expo will build upon what is already working for participants and Exhibitors while also creating new opportunities to engage, showcase and learn. This exciting event attracts thousands of prospective individuals, families, students, educators, and community organizations seeking information and resources.

Learn more! Visit
REGISTRATION IS FREE! Fast-track your admittance into the expo by RSVP-ing online. Phone registration is not available. If attendees are unable to register online, they may come directly to the Expo and register on-site.
BECOME AN EXHIBITOR! ~ Drawing thousands from Toronto and Eastern Ontario, you can showcase your products and services, reach your audience directly, meet other in the industry and hear from thought leaders about the future opportunities for the industry. Not-for-Profit booths available!
• TRY OUT ADAPTIVE SPORTS! There is so much more happening at the Access Expo! Check out the free events for demonstrations of adaptive sports, assistance dogs, and more. Most events include time for attendees to participate!
• CAREER FAIR: The Access Expo will host a designated area for employers to meet prospective candidates and discuss the types of skills and experience required. This event is an ideal opportunity for any employer seeking to recruit qualified candidates to available positions.
• EDUCATION FAIR: Welcoming colleges and universities from across the Province to attract and recruit students of varied ages and abilities seeking academic interests. We are excited to welcome post-secondary institutions to demonstrate their interest in creating inclusive learning experiences.
• SPEAKER SERIES: Join us for an exciting speaker series to promote inclusive healthy active living opportunities and experiences for people of all ages and abilities. Click here to meet the speakers!
• AWARDS: The Access Expo is recognizing individuals that have been leaders in innovation for accessibility. Leading by example, these individuals have been a positive influence for change.
• FOOD & BEER TENT: We’re heating up the barbeque for some hamburgers and hot dogs at the Expo BBQ. Keep an eye for the Brock Street Beer Tent!
• Visit the Access Expo website to check out the nominees including David Onley.


Dance Able

Variety – the Children’s Charity and Substance Cares are excited to announce they are hosting the 3rd annual all-inclusive FREE dance party, DANCE-ABLE. At the 3rd Annual Dance-Able, guests will experience an evening of music, inclusive dancing and some special surprise performances.
The event is about bringing families, businesses, and the greater local community together to create a world that is inclusive and accessible and where people with disabilities are recognized and appreciated.
TUESDAY, JUNE 25, 2019

Volt Hocky





Get ready for the 11th Annual Walk ‘n’ Roll this June!
People will get active and out in their community by
Walking or Rolling across Ontario and British Columbia
June 1-15, 2019

This year’s annual Walk‘n’Roll fundraiser will be held across Ontario and British Columbia by March of Dimes Canada from June 1 to June 15, 2019, encouraging people with physical disabilities or aphasia, to get active and out in their communities, supporting vital programs that help independence, improved communication, community participation and improves health and fitness as a bonus. We hope you can be a part of it!

About: Participants, volunteers, friends and family members of March of Dimes Canada’s stroke, acquired brain injury, aphasia and communication disabilities, post-polio, and supportive living programs, walk or roll through a designated course in their community and put up displays about support groups to raise awareness and money for vital community programs and services.

Since it’s inception, Walk’n’Roll has raised over $435,000 towards community programs.

For more information go to:


20th Annual March of Dimes Canada’s
Ability & Beyond Dinner
June 11, 2019, 5:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
Reception & Dinner at

Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto


On June 11th, 2019, March of Dimes Canada will hold the 20th Annual Ability and Beyond Dinner. Presented by Bell, the evening will include live and silent auctions, and an inspiring presentation by journalist, author and stroke survivor, Mark McEwen.

As a journalist for CBS, Mark McEwen interviewed Presidents and celebrities, and covered everything from the Olympics to the Cannes Film Festival. In 2005, he survived a stroke. Since then he’s made a miraculous recovery and turned his experience into a story of hope and courage that he shares with audiences across the US and now Canada. McEwen has served as Ambassador for the American Heart Association, hosed the National Stroke Associations first annual RAISE awards, and spoke at two International Stroke Conferences. As an advocate for stroke recovery and prevention, we are thrilled to bring Mark McEwen to our Ability & Beyond Dinner.
Presented by Bell, the evening will include live and silent auctions, and an inspiring presentation by journalist, author and stroke survivor, Mark McEwen
For more information on this event ~ Please visit Visit Ability & Beyond 2019 website for more information at







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