Professor Owl’s Book Corner ~ Book Review of the week ~May 3rd., 2019



Things That Don’t Make Sense

The Bad Kids in 4B

by Bryan Kelly



Things That Don’t Make Sense is a hi-lo reader geared towards older kids who struggle with reading.

Landon has an F in life. He refuses to do his homework, he won’t take tests, and he won’t look at the chalkboard during class. Landon’s parents and teachers think it’s because he is not trying. He is hiding a secret though nothing makes sense to him. Landon struggles to read, he can’t wrap his mind around math, and he has trouble focusing.

This is a terrific quick read about Landon who is a struggling learner, a low reader and he really gets confused at math.

When he fails, he decides that he cannot let his mother know as she is always troubled about how others view her family. He decides, therefore, to take matters into his own hands.

This book is a great choice for reluctant or struggling readers as it is short, a fun read and has a few amusing drawings throughout the story.
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