Professor Owl’s Bookcorner ~ Book Reviews of the week ~ 31st March, 2018


Defiant Souls

by Kathleen Chadwick (Author)

When Kyle Chase accepted his Aunt Cindy’s invitation to spend his summer vacation with her, he thought they would be exploring old caves, looking for arrow heads, and honing his skills as a young Archeologist. He never dreamed the fate of the world would rest on his small shoulders. Kyle, his aunt and a small group of travelers have been imprisoned by a mad-man.

Man’s arrogance has opened a doorway of evil and it’s up to Kyle to close it. He will need to trust in his sixth sense, strength, and intellect to escape and find the one man who can help him destroy the evil that holds them captive.

Excellent story well written with characters interaction and the plot flowed very well. In all It love the whole concept of the book was just great. I had a hard time putting it down before I had finished reading it. I would highly recommend this book.


Book of the Week  for our younger Readers’.
Take the Bullying by the Horns

by Hunter Dan (Author), Pam Hodgdon (Illustrator)

The author created this story for children who are just reaching school age. He believed in teaching children before they enter first grade what bullying is and teaching them that it is unacceptable behavior and how to end it regardless of what the bully says to them. He thought this to be the best time in a child’s life to introduce to them what it is before they experience it for real.

This book shows bullying in action by telling a story how one child could stop their own torment by stepping up. It may sound simple to an adult, but for a child, seeing this displayed in the book can be very easy to understand.
Describing the effects of bullying from the victim’s point of view and then telling them by demonstrating the actions that can be taken by everyone for a resolution.

This book can address fears about what a child may think adults will or won’t do when confronted with bullying. It is also a good book to start the discussion with your child about what to do in a hypothetical situation. I appreciate that it is not too long and allows parents and caregivers many different potential actions they can take as well.

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