March of Dimes ~ Andrea Luciani, Conductive Education® participant ~ #WATWB

The #WATWB was created as a mission to negate the overwhelming negativity that has been present in our social media streams. For every negative news story in the world, there are plenty of positive, uplifting stories that show hope, compassion and the resiliency of everyday people who face insurmountable challenges. Our hope is to share heartwarming stories that lift the human spirit.

The last Friday of every month bloggers will share their stories led by five co-hosts, this month’s co-hosts are ~ Sylvia Stein, Susan Scott, Inderpreet Uppal, Shilpa Garg, Andrea Michaels and Damyanti Biswas


Andrea Luciani

I was born with cerebral palsy and I assumed from a young age that my parents would always do everything for me. I never thought that someday I would grow up and live an independent life, despite my disability.

But, thanks to March of Dimes Canada’s Conductive Education® (CE) Program, I have been able to turn my disabilities into abilities!

I have been a part of the CE Program since I was 6 years old. I am now 23 years old and the climb has not been easy. Cerebral palsy has affected all aspects of my life, including my mobility, coordination, posture, and my ability to do daily living activities independently.

Today, I like to use the word ABLE when it comes to my progress. I can sit down and get up independently. I am able to walk using single point canes. I am able to get from room to room on my own in my house. Every day, I focus on what I am able to do!

March of Dimes Canada’s CE Program is designed specifically for people with neurological motor disorders and offers an alternative group setting approach to rehabilitation. And I understand that it is the generosity of donors like you that helps make it possible.

The CE Program did not just give me tools to help my mobility; it also provided me with a voice. Instead of my parents or others speaking on my behalf, I learned to advocate for my own needs. I may need special accommodations to aid in that process, but I make sure I am heard!

Thank you! Because of your generosity, and my wonderful teachers at CE, I have grit! I have learned to never give up, keep trying, keep learning new ways to do something, and always strive to conquer! If wonderful programs like CE did not exist due to lack of funding, many of my accomplishments would not have been possible. You have literally changed my life!
My wish is for every person in Canada with a disability to have the extraordinary help that I had through March of Dimes Canada. It can only be achieved with the generous support of people like you.

Andrea Luciani
Conductive Education® program participant

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14 thoughts on “March of Dimes ~ Andrea Luciani, Conductive Education® participant ~ #WATWB

  1. Hi Professor Owl … what a brilliant programme Constructive Education must be in helping people like Andrea, who are determined to help themselves … and no doubt contribute to research to develop more products and programmes to aide abled people develop … cheers Hilary

  2. I love stories about people who are faced with challenges and able to overcome. “Able” is such a great feeling, and I wish it on anyone who feels like they can’t do something. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you, Professor Owl, for this real-life story about a hero who could achieve everything she did, and about a programme that helped her achieve it all. People with disabilities need a push in the right direction, some assistance and a lot of encouragement that propels them towards their goals. Such programmes for the disabled come with a large heart, and hope for those who have none.

  4. What a strong and clear voice Andrea Luciana has Prof! It’s a wonderful educational programme. Would that more countries take note and help those affected with CP to lead full and fulfilling lives. Thank you for this lively and lovely post!

  5. Andrea Luciani is proof that The Conductive Education programme is going places!
    She comes across as a vibrant and self-assured person…and independent too!
    There are so many people with the full use of their arms, legs and other faculties, who lack that ‘get-up-and-go’ quality that Andrea fights so hard for on a daily basis.
    Really inspiring.

    Writer In Transit

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