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Conductive Education® is a community rehabilitation program offered through March of Dimes Canada whose mission is to maximize the independence, personal empowerment, and community participation of people with disabilities.

This program is important to me as my husband, and I have a friend who had a stroke and with the help of this program has been able to lead an almost normal life. He was paralyzed down one side and spent many months in hospital and rehabilitation. It has been several years, and he is now able with the help of a cane or walker to get around. He is seventy-three and still plants a vegetable garden every year, and made a great little patio with low walls and beautiful flower garden. He attends several functions always cooking a dish to share. He is a positive and caring man and a joy to be around. He not only looks after his garden but when the occasion arises, he is willing to help others who are less fortunate than he is.

Conductive Education® (CE) is a program that combines physical rehabilitation and education to help children and adults with neurological motor disorders or who have had a stroke or brain injury. Conductive Education works on the brain to change the body. Participants are taught skills and techniques to help them overcome the challenges of their disability – they learn how to apply these strategies to their everyday life, becoming more independent.

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Designed specifically for people with neurological motor disorders, Conductive Education offers an alternative group setting approach to rehabilitation for people living with:

·        Cerebral Palsy

·        Spina Bifida

·        Multiple Sclerosis

·        Stroke

·        Parkinson’s

·        Acquired Brain Injury

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