Professor Owl’s Book Corner ~ Weekly Book Review ~ January 7, 2017

Chronicles of the Last Days

(Dragonsfall Book 3)

Kindle Edition

Myril doesn’t need prophecy to see that her world is going to end – the city is sinking before her eyes. Foreign ships fill Anamat harbor, bringing foreign traders bent on pillaging the city’s treasures – with help from the governor – as the people of the city flee across the sea to hostile lands.

Myril’s guildmaster calls on her to help save the Chronicles of Anamat from the pillagers. Meanwhile, her old friend Darna needs healing, Iola wants to go to her death in the dragons’ realm, and the Defenders are airing their secrets at just the wrong time. She begins to wonder how much the people she loves are to blame for the fall of Anamat.

How will anyone, or anything, survive when the waters rise again?

This book has dragons, magic, and sword play. It is a classic fantasy story. I would recommend it from 14 and up.

Available from and

About Author


Thanks to my grandmother, Nancy Woollcott Smith, I started out in life with the delusion that writing was a thing grown-ups did. Becoming a writer seemed almost as realistic an ambition as becoming an accountant, though less lucrative. That delusion led me to a couple of decades of irregular and mostly profitless work, but it’s also kept me going.

In high school I wrote two novels with a friend. We passed chapters back and forth in between classes. They were written on paper, the first book long-hand, the second on computer. That was before the internet. During the fall and winter after I graduated from college, I wrote a novella/poetry collection, still unpublishable or at least unmarketable. I sent it to about a half dozen agents and collected their more-or-less gentle rejections.

At age 31, I launched into my current project, a multi-volume epic fantasy about the last generation of a land animated by dragon-gods. I set it aside when I had my first baby, and I’m not 31 any more. I’ve also written a stand-alone Regency romance, a historical fantasy novella, and a screenplay.

The first two books of the series are available now on Amazon and will return to most of the noteworthy ebook retailers in April. I hope to release the remaining books in the series some time in 2016.

Keep checking in. I’ll let you know if anything interesting falls out of the keyboard.

You can join my mailing list for news of new books, giveaways, and other major events.

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