Professor Owl’s Book Corner ~ Book of the week ~ 12th. November 2015

Six of Crows [Kindle Edition]

Leigh Bardugo (Author)


sixofcrows final


This is an easy choice for teens who enjoyed The Grisha Trilogy, Diviners, or any of the Shadowhunter books. It follows a different cast of characters, although a few favourites are mentioned. Bardugo excels at a lot of elements of story telling, but I’d say her world building and characters are my favourite. I already knew I loved The Grisha World going into Six of Crows. But moving away from Ravka we got to explore even more of the world. See it expand into Ketterdam. Which is like a thieves’ paradise. There’s a whole bunch of sketchy areas that different gangs control and rule. Basically it makes for a good time, well for the reader at least. Something, and I’m sure I’m not alone here, I can’t help but love is the morally grey character. Well Six of Crows gave me a cast of them. I’d probably crown Kaz king though. He’s a whole lot of mysterious with all his secrets. Kaz is a criminal prodigy, with a secret agenda brewing. I’m almost sure revenge is his middle name. When the chance at running one of the biggest heists arises; Kaz brings together a six strong cast of very different outcasts. I loved each of them almost equally. No characters’ chapter was less interesting than the previous. Inés is stealthy, almost invisible. Which makes her the perfect spy. Jesper is the joker. He can’t walk away from a wager. But he can hit you between the eyes from any distance. Wylan is the unexpected rich kid trying to get out from under daddy’s thumb. Except, for being sheltered he has some surprises up his sleeves. Lastly the star crossed lovers; the hate to love to hate (to love?) Nina and Matthias. Nina is a fierce heartrender on the run as Grisha aren’t so much welcomed anymore. Matthias people prove that by enslaving them. Matthias is truly that unknown member. He’s involved in a heist against his people. And that’s why the back stories of each Crow is so important to trying to understand their intentions. Not only are intentions wavering, but the banter is perfection. Gold star. Add in all the ships. Which I’m hesitant to follow; but can’t not. All the shippy goodness. Six of Crows has a lot less on the line than in The Grisha Trilogy. The world isn’t resting on the edge. Well I guess Kaz and crew wouldn’t agree with me there. Their lives are definitely threatened on more then one occasion. But that’s what makes Six of Crows a heart stopping heist adventure. Each outcast has an agenda and it can change at a moments notice to suit their needs. Plans; what are plans? You can never trust a dangerous criminal. Six of Crows does a wonderful job proving that in Bardugo’s signature story telling. She’s so subtly humorous and brilliant. My life should just be on a stand still until the sequel lands in my hands.

Set in a world that will be familiar to fans of the author, this book can be fully enjoyed without having read any previous title.


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