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The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

~~ Dr. Seuss, “I Can Read With My Eyes 







It’s that time of year again, October 31st when children and adults alike dress up in ghoulish costumes looking forward to trick or treating and spooky stories!

From its Celtic roots, Halloween has become one of North America’s most popular holidays. Children and adults alike enjoy long held traditions of wearing costumes and trick-or-treating, telling spooky stories or attending ghoulish parties. We practice this every year but don’t really know the meaning behind this unusual holiday.  Centuries ago, Celtic farmers believed that there was one day every year where the season of life – summer, met the season of death – autumn. The belief was that evil spirits could rise on this night and walk amongst the living. According to historian Nicholas Rogers this day was referred to as “Samhain” (pronounced “sa-win”), meaning “summer’s end.” Druid priests would gather to determine whether or not their villages would survive the winter and  if they were to have bountiful harvest  the following year.

Today, many people follow Halloween traditions including dressing up in creative, scary costumes, but may not know the origins of this practice. Initially, the Celtic villagers would light a large bonfire now replaced by Jack-o-lanterns and dress up in lavish disguises in order to confuse and ward off earth bound ghosts.  Trick or treating hailed from the tradition of “souling.” When souling, less-fortunate families would go door to door and say prayers for the dead in exchange for food. It wasn’t until the mid-20th century, the term “trick-or-treating” was first used, as the holiday became a popular tradition. Hopefully, by knowing more about the history of this popular holiday it can make this year’s festivities more interesting for you!

Halloween Costumes



Ghosts, goblins, and beautiful princesses can be found rolling through the classrooms and across the playground each year on October 31st. Kids in wheelchairs have the chance to not only “dress up” in costumes but to create an entire traveling “scene” for Halloween. Each year, we at The Bridge School wait in anticipation of one special costume, Clay’s Halloween costume. Betsy, Clay’s mom is an amazing costume creator. Her creativity and clever use of materials make Clay’s costumes the hit of the Halloween parade each year. Betsy has compiled her ideas, along with contributions from other Bridge School parents, to create this “how-to” manual.


Halloween Safety Tips



Ghost, ghouls and monsters aren’t the only things to be afraid of on Halloween. Accidents and mishaps increase dramatically when children trick-or-treat.

To avoid the many dangers children face while trick or treating, use common sense. Be aware of potential Halloween hazards and take precautions to eliminate them. Consider heading for an indoor Halloween party and bypass any chaos or danger.       


POBC Books

Classic Books

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The Ghost at Skeleton Rock

Hardy Boys 37 – Jan 1 1958

By Franklin W. Dixon (Author)




A cryptic message from their famous detective father and a note concealed in a ventriloquist’s dummy lead Frank and Joe Hardy on a dangerous search to the tropical islands in the Caribbean. There the teenage detectives are constantly surrounded by vicious henchmen of a criminal mastermind.

Danger stalks the boys’ every move, once in an isolated sugar mill, another time in a shark-infested sea. But when Frank and Joe come face to face with the ghost at Skeleton Rock, it will be as much of a surprise to the reader as it was to the young detectives themselves.

This book was the best I have read in the Hardy Boys series, because it started out with an interesting storyline, and then the action started immediately, it seemed to lead up to the conclusion wonderfully. The end of the story was really breath-taking, with a really happy ending. This was a great book, and I think you should read it, too. Enjoy!

Available also at your school and local library and at and

About the author ~ James Duncan Lawrence

James Duncan Lawrene

The Ghost at Skeleton Rock is Volume 37 in the original The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories published by Grosset & Dunlap. This book was written for the Stratemeyer Syndicate by James Duncan Lawrence in 1957. Between 1959 and 1973 the first 38 volumes of this series were systematically revised as part of a project directed by Harriet Adams, Edward Stratemeyer’s daughter. The original version of this book was shortened in 1966 by Priscilla Baker-Carr resulting in two slightly different stories sharing the same title.


New Book Release for October 2015


Library of Souls: The Third Novel of Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children Hardcover – September 22, 2015

By Ransom Riggs (Author)

October New Release PONf


This is the third book in the series an action-packed adventure that features more than 50 all-new Peculiar and absorbing black and white photographs that came from all sorts of places yet has an abundance of strange looks as though they were created just for this particular piece of the puzzle — at this point, the photos provide an undercurrent as critical to the overall flow of the story as the words themselves

Time is running out for the Peculiar Children. With a dangerous madman on the loose and their beloved Miss Peregrine still in danger, Jacob Portman and Emma Bloom are forced to stage the most daring of rescue missions. They’ll travel through a war-torn landscape, meet new allies, and face greater dangers than ever. . . . Will Jacob come into his own as the hero his fellow Peculiars know him to be?


This story is about reversals and time loops, evil doers and acts of heroism that make up this tantalizing novel, but let me just say that I found the whole thing, from beginning to end, to be every bit as surprising, mysterious, and gratifying as I’d hoped it would be.

About the Author



 Ransom Riggs is the author of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (Quirk, 2011), a New York Times best seller with more than 2 million copies sold, as well as its best-selling sequel, Hollow City (Quirk, 2013). Translation rights have been sold to more than 25 territories worldwide. He lives in Santa Monica, California, with his wife.


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Writing Prompt

“It’s said that All Hallows’ Eve is one of the nights when the veil between the worlds is thin – and whether you believe in such things or not, those roaming spirits probably believe in you, or at least acknowledge your existence, considering that it used to be their own. Even the air feels different on Halloween, autumn-crisp and bright.” ~Erin Morgenstern

With Halloween around the corner, many of us partake in reading ghost and horror stories. Imagine you close the book only to find its creepy creatures, ghouls and goblins have come to life.  Write about your ghoulish adventures.

Get creative, write and have fun!

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Haunted House

 Haunted House App

Description ~Via GooglePlay

Haunted House is a spooky Halloween activity book packed full of ghoulish games, awesomely eerie activities, and things that go bump in the night!

As night falls in the deep, dark forest, monsters are stirring in the Haunted House. Do come in ~ if you DARE! Meet the monsters, play the games, then complete the challenges to win spooktastic badges and stars:

Pumpkin Picker: Spot 10 hidden pumpkins as you search for the Haunted House on a dark and stormy night. Watch out, there’s a zombie about!
Spooky Dresser: Give Jack O’Lantern a horrible new look for Halloween with bat wings, horrible horns and hairy warts.
Ghost Whacker: All aboard the Ghost Train for a thrilling ride. Help Wilma the Witch and the Mummy whack ghosts ~ but don’t get slimed!
Monster Hunter: Feeling brave? Then play a game of monster hide and seek in the dark!
Creepy Crawler: Put up some Halloween decorations, but tread carefully. One false move and you’ll wake up Uncle Drac!
Make magic potions, build your own monster, and much, much more…

Haunted House has the following features:
• Full 3D experience
• 8 spooky 3D pop-up scenes containing ghoulish games and activities
• Read to Me or Read it Myself modes
• Available in English, French, German and Spanish
• Fully narrated in each language by professional actors
• Wonderfully creepy illustrations guaranteed to give thrills and chills on Halloween!
• Features a chilling musical score and lots of spooky sound effects
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~ Jeremy Horowitz, iLounge

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