Byron Nelson Legacy: A poem from Author Rich Weatherly ( @RichWeatherly43 )

Byron Nelson Legacy

And a promising new rising star

I knew and admired Byron Nelson,
a golfing legend, innovator… champion
held records for most tournaments won, most consecutive wins
yet a humble gentleman…

Awarded Congressional Gold Metal after his death,
Called Lord Byron by the press and his peers.
At The Masters Tournament this year, a newcomer
from this area arrived on the scene and rewrote the record books.
Jordan Spieth recorded the most birdies in one tournament,
tied for the lowest 72-round score, lowest 53-hole score and lowest 36-hole score.
He was the 1st wire-to-wire leader since 1976.
Spieth placed 2nd at The Masters last year, studied his mistakes,
and quietly, with deliberation
hit one stunning shot after another leaving the rest of the field behind.
I was most impressed with how he did it
and his demeanor following the win.
Like Byron Nelson, he comes across
As a quiet, humble person whose respectful of his peers and his followers.

Could this be the start of a new legacy?
Only time will tell.


  About Rich Weatherly


Rich Weatherly’s professional career spanned several decades. Much of that career included technical writing and copy writing. He also worked in media production and corporate photography.

After retiring from the corporate world, Rich focused his attention on creative writing. He continues to work on a series of short stories, and a collection of works that will include poetry, photography and miscellaneous writings.

Rich Weatherly is a descendant of one of General Marion’s militia at the Battle of Cowpens during the Revolutionary War. His maternal Great-Grandmother’s father scouted western Dallas, County and was numbered among the first 50 families to settle western Dallas, Co., Texas.

Rich is working on an historical fiction novel, Boundless Honor which begins in the fall of 1835. The story features the Texas Revolution and the Trail of Tears.

You can visit Rich at:

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