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Breaking the ICE West

Breaking the ICE West Conference:

What is it?

ICE stands for Independence, Communication and Empowerment

This is a consumer-centered conference aimed at helping people who use Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) systems to develop their lives to the best of their abilities.

Breaking the ICEwest is an outgrowth of the original Breaking the ICE Canada conferences held in Toronto since 2000. Those conferences were born from and inspired by the Pittsburgh Employment Conference, a consumer centred conference for augmented communicators. In 2012 a small working committee in British Columbia hosted “Island Voices”, a one-day workshop for ACC users living on Vancouver Island. These events have proven themselves to be a powerful force for change and a source of empowerment for an often marginalized group.

For more information about previous ICE Canada conferences, please visit  where you can find presentations from previous ICE conferences on topics such as: Recreation, Leisure, Travel, Marriage, Dating, Relationships, Aging with a Disability, Spirituality, Advocacy, and Independence.

Who is it for?

AAC, people who support those who use AAC, and professionals in the field of AAC are welcome to attend, observe, learn and network with the wide variety of people attending the conference.

​For Information on the Ontario Breaking the ICE Conference: 
Breaking the ICE​

Leadership in Volunteer Education (L.I.V.E.)

Main Content



November 4 – 7, 2014
International Plaza Hotel
655 Dixon Road, Toronto

The Leadership in Volunteer Education (L.I.V.E) Conference is something you and your peer support members don’t want to miss! It is Peer Support’s annual 3-day training and networking event for active members, current and future volunteer leaders in stroke, polio and caregiver support groups across Canada.

L.I.V.E Conference 2014 is an excellent opportunity to introduce new members to the ‘behind the scenes’ activities of a peer support group. A great way to learn and talk about future plans for peer support groups. Don’t miss it!

November 4 to 7, 2014

International Plaza Hotel (Formerly known as The Double Tree Hotel)
655 Dixon Road, Toronto
(Near Pearson International Airport)

Each Chapter has the opportunity to register two volunteer members (one executive and one group member) for FREE. If the Chapter has a caregiver group then they can also send one caregiver representative free of charge.

Any additional members must pay an additional cost (See registration form.)

Workshops may include topics such as:

  • Supported Communication
  • Chapter Finances
  • Music Therapy
  • Science of Sleep
  • Public Relations & Promotion
  • And many more!

Other activities will include:

  • Networking with other groups
  • Entertainment
  • Banquet
  • Fun for all!


LIVE_2014_Registration_Chapters.pdfDownload L.I.V.E_Conference 2014 Chapter Regisration Form ​​

LIVE_2014_Registration_Associations_Affiliates.pdfDownlaod L.I.V.E_Conference 2014_Associations & Affiliates Registration Form

Living and Thriving with a Disability Conferences connect consumers with health professionals and services in the their community.

 Thriving with a Disability Conference
The conference has been offered as a part of Peer Support Services, a Program of March of Dimes Canada, since 2009 and continues to grow. We have organised approximately 20 to 25 different conferences, in conjunction with several different partners, at various locations across Canada.
Who should attend?
Individuals living with a disability or Acquired Brain Injury, allied health professionals, service providers, caregivers /partners, and family members.
The conferences not only emphasizes the services that are readily available in the community, it also highlights the potential gaps and enables committee organisations to potentially develop solutions to address the growing need for community care. Follow up conferences have been offered in several locations as a result of the demand for additional services or topics. 
The Peer Support Department at March of Dimes Canada has organising conferences at the following locations: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Calgary, Alberta, Vancouver and Fraser Valley in British Columbia, and Kingston, Windsor, Sarnia and Toronto in Ontario.
Check back later for a list of upcoming conferences!
If you have any questions, please contact: 
Xilonem Lopez,
 1-800-263-3463 ext.720

For more information ~ please visit:


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