Professor Owl’s Book Corner ~ Variety Village News Board ~ 10th November,2014

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World’s greatest Christmas party

Sunday, December 7, 2014



$5 per ticket/3 for $10 -available at variety village only

1st Prize: 2 tickets for Air Canada anywhere within North America (including Hawaii and Caribbean) plus a one week condo stay in Kissimmee, Florida
 -Approx. commercial value $4200 – some restrictions/blackout periods

2nd Prize: Designer wallet filled with gift cards
 -Value $500

3rd Prize: Beer beverage fridge
 -Value $250

Draw takes place at the World’s Greatest Christmas Party on Sunday, December 7.

2014/2015Fall Winter + camps



 Be an Ambassador for Variety Village

It takes a unique kind of person to be a Variety Ambassador. You represent Variety at events inside and outside Variety Village. And as a Variety representative, you display a sense of fun and goodwill. Because that’s what Variety is all about.

As an Ambassador, you could hand out awards or speak at an event. Or you could talk to journalists and reporters about our programs and services. But whatever you’re asked to do, you’ll be sure to inspire others with your story and your perspective.

It’s a big job. You need enthusiasm and you must have a membership at Variety Village. We are looking for kids, adults and seniors to help spread our stories. Think you’re up for the challenge? Contact Lynda Elmy, Director, Communications at

For more information on any of these programs or events ~ Please visit:


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