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THREE TO BE’s mission is to advocate and raise funds to support and advance the development of innovative research, education and therapies for children with neurological disorders.

THREE TO BE Is a registered charitable foundation providing funds to support a multidisciplinary approach for children with neurological conditions. THREE TO BE’s funds are being used to:

  1. Support the neurological research community by funding salaries, grants, and prizes to develop cutting-edge therapies and treatments for children
  2. Purchase innovative therapeutic equipment for rehabilitative purposes
  3. Support educational programs, conferences, and facilities that focus on the development of children with disabilities
  4. Develop a parent resource and information platform to support families of children with neurological


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 We are now accepting applications for Summer Camp 2014 .​

Parent and Child (1-3 years of age) – weekdays

Classes are offered for parents of children as young as 12 months, providing support, advice, and practical tips to maximize learning opportunities for the child, as well as guide the child through his or her developmental milestones. Being a new parent in the world of disability can be overwhelming, and our classes are designed so families can connect and learn from one another and our experienced staff.

Early Intervention Program (3-5 years) – weekdays

The Early Intervention Program runs weekday mornings for children between the ages of 3 and 5. This program is suitable for parents looking for a pre-school program, which actively, cognitively, and socially integrates all aspects of the child’s development. Each day, the conductors and teachers work cohesively in a structured setting offering physical programs, and self-care skills, alongside a kindergarten curriculum. We believe young children learn best in an environment that provides opportunities for exploration, discovery, and hands-on learning to encompass the whole child; therefore, movement is promoted to access activities which assist the development of cognitive abilities.


School-Age Program (5-12 years) – weekdays  

The school-age program is suitable for children of elementary school age and runs alongside the academic school year. The program integrates suitable topics and themes to help encourage and motivate the children’s movements, self-awareness, social, and cognitive skills. The program teacher modifies the Ontario Ministry Education curriculum to accommodate each child’s learning needs and styles. Our staff has extensive experience in modifying programs for students with a range of learning needs.

Sessional Services (3-7years, 8-12 years and 12-19 years)  – weekday afternoons and Saturdays in Toronto

Our sessional services run in 10-12 week blocks during the fall, winter and spring. Classes are offered once or twice weekly, during the afternoons, after school hours, and on Saturdays (in Toronto only). Programs vary in length between one to two and a half hours. Staff skillfully integrate mobility, self-care, social, and communication opportunities into the program to promote independence and self-advocacy.

Camps – all ages

Our camps operate during March break and the summer months each year. Camps vary between one and four weeks and incorporate all aspects of an age-appropriate day camp experience. Children can attend daily from one to five hours. Themes, games, crafts, and activities are age-appropriate, and children work on all aspects of their gross and fine manipulation skills. We encourage promotion of independence in toileting, self-care and feeding, and the encouragement, support, and interactions with peers of similar age and abilities.

There’s no doubt in my mind – if it wasn’t for the Conductive Education program, our daughter would be using a wheelchair today and for the rest of her life.”    – RIta Al-Shaikh


“What you have done for our son in just two short weeks is nothing short of miraculous. I’m still in shock that you have been able to transform him this much!”  – Shannon Bower, mother of Justin


“I cannot imagine where Kalea would be today without the support of the conductors who work with our daughter.” – Michelle Davies, mother of Kalea


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For additional information on the children’s programs ~ Please visit ~



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