Professor Owl’s Book Corner ~ Variety Village News Board ~ 16 June 2014


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The 2014 Pan Am Masters Weightlifting Championships

 June 20 -22, 2014 At Variety Village. Save the Date!




Spring/Summer + Camps 2014

download the new guide here.




The Facility – Variety Village

Variety Village, the flagship project of Variety in Ontario, is a unique  fitness and life skills facility where  children and families of all abilities are inspired to become active and be
proud of their accomplishments. It’s here, amidst a 76,000-square-foot gym and a 200-metre indoor track;  three indoor pools* for lessons, family swim and competitive swimming;  and a 3,000-square-foot conditioning  and weight area, that children of all abilities can choose from many programs promoting inclusion and a healthy, active lifestyle.

Variety Village offers team sports, spring and summer camps and special  adapted physical education classes for schools and community groups. The  Village is the only facility in Ontario, and one of only a handful worldwide, where all ability levels are integrated.Variety Village has long set the benchmark for excellence in integrated recreationalprogramsand has been offering training to individuals who provide similar services in communities from around Ontario for years. In fact,
Variety Village, as the leading facility of its kind, has consulted and partnered with similar facilities worldwide

  • * Pool Specs
    • 40m pool
    • 25m 6 lane deep section
    • 15m shallow section
    • Three 1m and one 3m diving boards

Summer session runs from June 30-August 31




Denotes classes not discounted for Gold Members

Instructors reserve the right to refuse a participant’s entry to a higher level Learn to Swim Program, if he or she has failed to pass the previous level’s skill requirements. If parents/guardians wish to have their child’s level of achievement evaluated, please ask one of the off duty guards to evaluate their skills during a recreational swim.

NOTE: Fee Structure – M (Member Price), NM (Non-Member Price)

Included Programs

Learn to Swim

Recreational Programs

Private Lessons

Leadership Programs

Pre-Competitive (Grassroots)

For more information ~ Please visit ~




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