Professor Owl’s Book Corner ~ Book of the week ~ April 17,2014

Sudden Moves: A Young Adult Mystery

Kelli Sue Landon (Author)


sudden move-final


Kindle edition CDN$9.99

Paperback edition CDN$15.67


Product Description

“When Katie Brashers announces to her friends that she’s headed to Orlando, Florida, for spring break, no one thinks twice. But when school resumes and Katie is nowhere to be found, her sixteen-year-old classmate and friend, Michelle Martin, grows suspicious. The school staff claims that the family moved to Florida, but Michelle doesn’t buy it. First, Katie never said goodbye to her devoted boyfriend, Brad; and second, Katie still has a treasured family book Michelle gave her to read—a book Katie promised to return. Something doesn’t make sense. Michelle and her best friend, Tami, team up with Brad to investigate the family’s disappearance, but it’s not easy. Not only do they have to dodge Michelle’s demanding, nosey mother, but they also have to sneak around the neighborhood while avoiding arrest for trespassing. After talking to neighbors and looking inside the house, they still have nothing but circumstantial evidence. Michelle is about ready to give up—until she takes her dog for their daily walk and uncovers a concrete clue. The clue leads her closer to the truth, but also thrusts her into dangerous circumstances beyond her control. If she isn’t careful, Michelle could end up like Katie—gone without a trace.”

I was very impressed with the dialogue, which was very accurate compared to most Young Adult books. The characters are teenagers and speak like teenagers. Very realistic.

I love a good mystery and I did not see the ending of this one coming, another great aspect of the book. Even better, I love that the author didn’t try to make the teenagers seem smarter than the adults, Teenagers generally are not realistically represented in most YA books, especially mysteries. This is not the case with this book. I found this book an easy read, I didn’t want to put it down once I started reading it. I look forward to this author’s next book.


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