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Warriors of Camlann

N.M. Browne(Author



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This is a sequel to Warriors of Alavna (Bloomsbury, 2002). Browne has created a strong, fierce young woman, and an introspective, sensitive, young man, and plays with the idea of looking at the “reality” of Camelot, with the glamour worn off.

Browne has again written a great story, I did however, prefer her first book. I did not like the changing of personalities, as Ursula’s thoughts and feelings were not well brought across to the reader, sometimes giving the impression of her being a brutal warrior liking to fight and threaten. Yet, the plot on whole was well-written, a pleasant read, I’d recommend it to any 11 year olds and above. (I did not like the story when he ending with a question mark.) I hope his third book will be published soon and not the three-year time frame as with the first two books.

Product Description:

When the thick fog of the Veil descends again, Dan and Ursula expect to return to present-day Britain. Instead, the treacherous mist transports them to an ancient world very like the one they have just escaped. But the battle they fought in only hours before is distant history to those around them and their deeds on the battlefield are legend. Dan and Ursula have travelled forwards through time, but how far? What has happened to their old allies and enemies? To find a way back, they have to piece the clues together and use all their skills of survival – as it seems they were not the only ones to step through the mist. Subtly and cleverly woven around Arthurian legend, Warriors is action-packed and completely compelling.

The teens’ final walk into the Veil will leave readers wondering where or – rather when, this pair will wind up.

About the Author

N. M. Browne was born in the north of England to Welsh parents. This background inspired a fascination with all things Celtic and an interest in how earlier societies survived the bleakness of a northern winter. She is a huge fantasy fan, and is enormously committed and passionate about writing quality books for children. She lives in London and is the author of Hunted and Warriors of Alavna.


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