Professor Owl’s Book Corner ~ Book Of The Week ~ November 28th 2013

The Eco Boys- Turn the Tide [Kindle Edition]

Genia Stemper (Author)

 The Echo tides

Kindle Price: Price CDN$ 0.99

The Eco Boys Turn the Tide is the first in an adventure series for young adults. Trevor, Brett and Ryan are seventh graders who are shocked to realize that seals and dolphins are being poisoned off of the coast. When they find out that a grove that is home to thousands of butterflies is in danger, they form their club, The Eco Boys. Together, they learn about their natural world, as they forge an unbreakable bond of friendship.

This is the book to raise people’s consciousness about the environment. The fact that it is proposed as a Y.A. story instead of facts makes it pretty enticing and useful. Genia Stemer is definitely the voice of a generation, the one on which the future if the planet rests, to protect Nature as we know it and share it with future generations.

It was a quick read but it flows brilliantly and despite its title of being for young adults it is a worthwhile read for all ages.

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