Professor Owl’s Book Corner ~ Book Of The Week ~ September 19th 2013

Terra Incognita: The Abyss

Author Joshua Mays



CDN $8.40 Paperback

CDN $3.01 Kindle

This book is a young adult story, about Benjamin Harking an independent teenager who often comes home from his boarding school to an empty house.  During one lonely Christmas vacation, he finds a hidden room, hidden away beneath the stairwell.  Inside this room is an ancient book that opens a doorway into a dark world of myth and magic.  Forced on a quest for four magical items, Ben faces danger at every turn, he meets new allies, and does whatever it takes to complete his goals before the Azothothus has a chance to exact his  plans – the awakening of the primeval beings known only as the hollow.

The Author Josh manages to make the entering of a fantasy world perfectly logical, as if everyone has the capability to walk through a magic door but only a few choose to do so.

His characters are complicated yet, Josh’s ability to engage the reader – and cloud reality with a world filled with dark magic is fantastic.

His storytelling has the rare quality of cleverness that one rarely see in the neatly packaged books  in the literature markets.

“Terra Incognita: Colliquation” is a collection of Josh’s first three books in the series (including this one.) available from Pick them up for the first time, or read them again. Either way, you won’t regret being a part of Benjamin’s incredible Journey.

Professor Owl looks forward to reading many more unique, engaging books from Josh in the near future!

 Available from:


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