Professor Owl’s Book Corner ~ Book Of The Week ~ 5th September 2013

Justine, We’re Late!

By Shimrit Nothman and Bushra Owais (Aug 7 2013)

(Conflict)resolution for kids # 1

Price:CDN$ 1.01 Kindle Edition

Justine were late

This is a story about a young girl named Justine, who never seems to be ready for school in time. She just cannot decide what to wear.

Her Mom gets very upset with her and Justine doesn’t know what to do. Fortunately, Justine’s three favourite stuffed animals come to her rescue, each offering her different advice.
Which advice should she choose? How can she solve the conflict with her mom?

This is a skilfully illustrated book that helps kids learn that there are many ways to solve a conflict with some great advice.

I really enjoyed this book. This will be a great help to parents, grandparents and care takers. One can also appreciate the facts and notes at the back of the book.

Every parent at some time or another will argue with their children. This book shows them how they can solve that conflict without useless tears or tantrums.

This book is a good way for parents to talk things over with their children, since it’s written as a story children can easily relate to the main character.

I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a pleasant read with their children, it also has some added value to it; teaching useful techniques in conflict resolution.

Do you want to have some argument-free time~

with your kids every morning?


“Justin, we’re late!” is the first book in the series: Conflict resolution for kids, written by the bestselling author Shimrit Nothman.

Available from,


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