Professor Owl’s Book Corner ~ Book Of The Week ~ August 29th 2013

Secret Agent 6th Grader Part 2 (a hilarious mystery for children)

Noah Child (Author), Marcus Emerson (Author)


secret agent 6 grader Kindle Price: CDN$3.07

 This story is about Brody Valentine, and the craziest day of school she ever had. What began as a normal homeroom ended with her as the school’s most wanted kid.

On this day the science class was digging up a time capsule from 1999, but it went missing and for some reason Brody was  branded as the thief! Every hall monitor in the school is searching for her, nobody believed her when she said she was framed.

The only way she could clear her name was to find the real thief behind the stolen time capsule, but it seems the deeper she dug for answers, the dirtier the truth gets.

Secret Agent 6th Grader Part 2 is a thrilling mystery that’s entertaining for kids, middle school students, and adults (who never grew up).

It has a little action in it. It was adventurous and funny. I also liked the characters. It is a book that keeps you on the edge of the seat right to the end of the story

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