Professor Owl’s Book Corner ~ Book Of The Week ~ August 1st.,2013

Torii’s Summer Adventure – Interactive Storybook for Kids and Dog Lovers

By Blacktop Interactive


Platform: Android Rated: All Ages

This book is perfect for making children want to read.  It is colourful, cute and very interactive. It will read the story to the child or let them read it themself. This app even has two different reading level versions included. It is actually a children’s picture book, so it has more pages than many books.

For many children their favorite part is the colouring book at the end, but they do love having the book read to them and they are able to click on all of the little things that move make a noise on each page. It will keep their attention for hours.

This book is suitable for all ages, and will assist children who find reading a challenge.

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