Professor Owl’s Book Corner ~~ Book Of The Week ~~ July 25th. 2013

 Summer  of Fear

Lois Duncan (Author

Summer of Fear-crop

Price CDN$ 6.99 Kindle Edition

Price CDN$   8.54 Paperback

This is the best book written by Lois Duncan. As all the others, by the author, it has a lot of suspense and the twist in the story is unbelievable.

The story takes place in New Mexico. It is book about a girl named Rachel who had everything, friends, and a great family who cared about her.

One summer her cousin Julie, who she had not seen since she was three was coming to live with her family as her parents had died.  Rachel thought this was a great idea, since they were both around the same age and it would be great to have another girl in the house.

When Julia first arrives she seems strange and unusual. Then Rachel starts to get to know Julia better.

At first things seem normal until strange and weird things start happening. Rachel tries to find out why these things are happening and who or what is doing them.

A couple of things make this book mysterious, such as when Rachel finds matches in her room, the one that she shares with Julia, and thinks that Julia might smoke so Rachel looks for cigarette packs through Julia’s things. Instead of cigarette packs she finds a little wax figure shaped as a dog in Julia’s bureau and Rachel starts to wonder what is it and why Julia has it. Another one is when Rachel’s little brother goes over to their neighbor Professor Jarvis house and saw him on the floor out cold. The whole neighborhood was in shock on how a healthy man could just pass out like that.

This is a very great book. It was just a little too weird the whole story is a great one and I really do think you should read it. It’s a great read and it has a great puzzle to it.  Professor Owl recommend this book to the young and old alike.