Professor Owl’s Book Corner ~ Book Of The Week June 24th. 2013

Already Gone (Young Adult Mystery Thriller) [Kindle Edition]

Christopher Fulbright (Author)

 already gone

 Price:   CDN $0.99

Already Gone is a hard-hitting young adult mystery novel that will appeal to fans of hard-boiled detective fiction and thrillers. With more teeth than Anthony Horowitz’s Alex Rider adventures, and more bite than a pack of wild dogs, you’ve never read a young adult novel quite like this one before!

Meet Mitchell Chase, a 16-year-old hard case who pays his dad rent in exchange for being treated as an adult. Unfortunately, he’s having a tough time of it—Mitchell drinks too much, fights too much, he’s broke, and he’s got girl problems like a dog’s got fleas.

When the prettiest girl in Carson Lake High School asks Mitchell to help find her missing baby brother, he doesn’t exactly jump at the chance. He’s just a student and part-time intern reporter for the local newspaper, after all, not Jupiter Jones. But considering she’s a friend of Sarah Faulk, the girl that got away, he figures it’s a good chance to get back in her good graces.

However, as pieces of the mystery come together, the pieces of his social life begin to fall apart. Soon, Mitchell is dodging menacing intruders, emotional wrecks, angry boyfriends, and a villain intent on eliminating loose ends.

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