Professor Owl’s Book Corner Of The Week ~ June 13 2013

On Top of the World (Tom Swift, Young Inventor)

Victor Appleton (Author)

Tom Swift PRICE: Kindle               CDN$ 5.99

PRICE: Paperback         CDN$ 29.96

Tom Swift, Young Inventor is back on top with book #5-On Top of the World. Science and adventure are blended with a fast-paced mystery/thriller.

Tom is headed to Mount Everest. Not only will he get some enjoyable practice time in on his new foil kite snowboard, but he and Bud are going to put his latest invention—a robot Sherpa—to the test. At Everest’s high elevations they will really be able to run the Sherpa through its paces.

But Tom can’t quite focus on the tasks at hand because while there are always rumors of the mysterious Yeti, Tom thinks he’s seen one. And what’s more is that there’s a nasty bunch of hunters on the prowl to capture the yeti “at any cost.” Tom knows that some things are better left a mystery and vows to do what he can to protect this natural environment—and any mysterious species inhabiting it.

This is a great adventure story, however the editors could have spent a little more time making these characters sound real and not what they think “cool” kids sound like as the characters used the word “Dude” too many times and just does not do the story justice,

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