Variety Village News ~~ For The Week May 27th 2013



On Wednesday, May 29 – Sunday, June 2, 2013 the Variety Village Synchro Club will be off to Ottawa to compete in the Espoir Canadian Championship.  Again this year, our swimmers with disabilities (SWD) will be competing on the National stage to determine the Canadian champions.  Our athletes will also be advocating and performing in the hopes of growing the category and educating othe…r clubs about synchronized swimming for athletes with special needs.
Competing this year in the solo category are the 4 swimmers listed below.  Each athlete has varying levels of synchro experience, but all are ready for the BIG SHOW.  Athletes will compete in the figure competition as well as the solo competition.  The two scores will be added together to decide national ranking.  This year there are 9 solo competitors, which is the highest we have seen at this Championship. Variety Village Competitors: – Nicole Flynn – Grace Lowe – Ruby Stevens – Katy Orpin
Along with the competition, Nicole Flynn will be attending an AWD focus meeting with Synchro Canada officials, Provincial leads, as well Coach Jennifer Koptie.  The meeting will focus on educating, growing and better organizing the AWD category and competition structure.  As Nicole has been an ambassador of synchronized swimming for many years, she will add invaluable ideas and discussion surrounding the growth of our sport. We wish all of these athletes the best of luck and will be following your success throughout the week. Good luck and have a great time!

They are coming back to Variety Village! Saturday, July 20 – Save the Date!

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