Professor Owl’s Book Corner ~~ Book Of The Week ~~ 20th May, 2013

What If Your Best Friend Were Blue?

Vera Kochan (Author), Viviana Garofoli (Illustrator)

What if your best friend was blue

This book shows a lovely way for children to learn colours and at the same time discover that it is what’s inside a person that counts.

What if your best friend were blue? What if your doctor were yellow? Would it change things?

A child imagines what the world would be like if people in his neighbourhood each had a different skin color.

Child-friendly acrylic illustrations and a strong read-aloud text; the book features a yellow doctor, an orange babysitter, a blue best friend and more. Author Vera Kochan has written a sweet and simple big-concept text while Viviana Garofoli’s illustrations makes one’s eyes stretch wide. While her rich and captivating scenes tie together the whimsical atmosphere of color with a powerful theme, “it’s what’s on the inside that matters.”

Kindle Price CDN$ 4.03

Hardcover Price CDN$ 11.54

Available from,


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