Professor Owl’s Book Corner ~~ Book Of The Week~~May 13th., 2013

I’ll Follow the Moon (Mom’s Choice Award Honoree and Chocolate Lily Award Winner) [Kindle Edition]
Stephanie Lisa Tara (Author), Lee Edward Födi (Illustrator)

Kindle Edition CND$3.92
Paperback Edition CDN$ 13.09


I will follow the moon

The story is gentle with a soothing repetitious verse, the beautiful water colours just compliment the verse describing the baby turtle’s journey from egg to the sea.

On a serene, quiet sandy beach a baby sea turtle breaks free from its egg and begins the journey to find home and mother, all the while saying, “I’m coming, Mama, I’ll see you soon. I know just how…I’ll follow the moon.” And follow the moon to Mama is exactly what the baby sea turtle does.

The simple words and gentle rhythm makes this a wonderful bedtime story. It is soothing and delicately conveys the message that Mother will be there for the child. The watercolor illustrations are solid, yet soft. They beautifully portray the beach and sky in an inviting way that adds to the soothing nature of the book.

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