Professor Owl’s Book Corner ~ For the week of April 29th., 2013

Science Solves It :Midnight Kid [Paperback]

Walker Nan (Author)

Price: CDN$ 6.60

The Midnight kid

This is a great book for teaching children about the importance of sleep.  It is a story about a young boy named Peter who comes to the conclusion that sleep is just a waste of time.  He sets out to persuade his parent to allow him to stay up for three nights during his summer vacation.

On the first night or part of it, Peter begins to believe that the need for sleep may be more important than he thought. By the third night, he is not the only family member suffering.

In the sidebars of the pages,  in small type you will find important information about sleep. Children may skip right over this factual material and stick to the storyline. The characters are friendly and easy for young people to identify with. Peter has a pet hamster, plays baseball, and loves sci-fi movies.

This book is available from,


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