Professor Owl’s Book Corner ~~ For the week or April 22nd., 2013

The Red Sash [Hardcover]

Jean E. Pendziwol (Author), Nicolas Debon (Illustrator)

Price CND$ 13.68

The Red Sash-crop

The Red Sash is the story of a young Metis boy who lived almost 200 years ago in the fur trading post of Fort William, on Lake Superior in Canada.  His father a guide, spent the long winter months leading voyageurs into the northwest to trade furs with the native people.

When the voyageurs paddled, their canoes back to Fort William with their pack of furs and the North West Company canoes come from Montreal bringing supplies for the next season it was a joyous occasion.  This celebration named “The Rendezvous” was a time of eating and dancing, and the voyageurs traded their stories around the campfires.

With the arrangements underway for the feast in the Great Hall, the young boy canoes to a nearby island to hunt hare, however once there, a storm begins to brew. As the waves churn to foam, a canoe carrying a man from the North West Company seems to be heading toward the island for shelter. The boy helps land the canoe, which had been badly damaged and torn by rocks and waves. Metis saves the day as he paddles the man across to Fort William in his own canoe, earning the gift of a voyageur’s red sash.

This was a great story; an enjoyable read Professor Owl’s Book Corner would recommend this book to everyone.

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