Professor Owls Book Corner ~ Book Of The Week April 8th 2013

The Sisters Eight Book 1: Annie’s Adventures: The Sisters Eight Series, Book 1

by Lauren Baratz-Logsted (Dec 29 2008) – Kindle eBook

CDN$ 4.06 Kindle Edition

The Sisters 8

This is story is about the eight little Huit sisters (they were Octuplets) one New Year’s Eve the girls were waiting for their mommy to bring them hot chocolate and their daddy to return with more firewood.  Their mommy and daddy do not come they just do not know where they are they are. They were there one minute and then pouf they are gone.

Eight little girls on their own with no mommy or daddy to take care of them.  These little girls must take care of themselves.  Get ready for school, cook the meals, feed their eight cats, and pay the bills.

They cannot ask for help if they ask an adult they will surely call in social services, and they would probably just split them up.  After losing their parents, being split up would be utterly unbearable.

Therefore, “The Sisters Eight” as they are affectionately called set out to find out what happened to mommy and daddy without any help from anyone especially adults.  Luckily, they do appear to have something or someone helping them, as notes keep appearing behind a loose brick in the fireplace.

This is a great old-fashioned mystery about missing or dead parents, nosy neighbours, a talking refrigerator and smelly fruitcake.  The girls discover that each one of them has a special power or gift. This is one big mystery with eight little girls, eight cats and the fun begins.

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