Professor Owl’s Book Of The Week ~~ March, 18th., 2013

Casey and Bella Face Their First Bully

Jane Lovascio (Author), Aija Jasuna (Illustrator)

Kindle Edition CDN $2.99 — —
Hardcover — CDN $7.11

Casey and Bella meet their first bully

After June and Jeff had left for the day, Casey and Bella decided since the weather was so beautiful they would go outside to play.
They peeped over the fence and saw that a moving van had arrived next door and saw their new neighbour a big Doberman. Casey thought he looked very scary but Bella thought perhaps he might be friendly if they took him a bone.
They tried to make friends but no way did he want to play and started bully them. “My name is Roscoe! And no. I do not want to play with you because it wouldn’t be any fun.” Roscoe kept on and on while glaring at Bella and Casey, who quickly ran away. What was wrong with Roscoe? The two decided that a scary dog wasn’t what they needed, but that Frisbee was. That was until it soared over the fence and Roscoe grabbed it.
Their Frisbee was gone so they decided they would go and visit friends. When they started off on their walk, their friend a wise old owl called Opee arrived. They began to tell Opee about Roscoe, and asked is there any way that Opee could help them with Roscoe?

Throughout their journey, Casey and Bella experience three different types of bullying and apply the advice of Opee the Owl to help out their three new friends. Find out how you can help stop bullying by taking the Casey and Bella Pledge to Stop Bullying and Be Nice to One Another!
Opee the Owl, who lives in a “Bully Free Zone,” explains the situation to them and gives them several pointers

This is a brilliant little story about bullying that children can learn from. Of course Casey and Bella really don’t know that Roscoe is nothing but a bully, but soon learn than his behavior is not acceptable.
The artwork is quite charming and is very appealing. This would be a perfect book to read and discuss during circle or story time
For example, Opee tells them “If you are being bullied, make sure you tell an adult right away!” Young children can easily understand or learn what to do about bullying from books like this.


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