Professor Owl’s Book Of The Week – March 11th., 2013

 mice and aliens

Of Mice and Aliens: An Asperger Adventure [Paperback]

Kathy Hoopmann (Author)

 Price: CDN$ 11.64

Mice and Aliens is not just another children’s book.  This is a science fiction book for children, with a difference.

Ben is learning to cope with his recent diagnosed Asperger Syndrome.  When an alien cash-lands in his back garden, thing really get complicated.  The alien called Zeke knows nothing about the rules and customs on earth,  it is then up to Ben and his friend Andy to help Zeke survive.

The funny matches between the alien’s failure to relate to humans and Ben’s own characteristics highlight the difficulties Aspie kids face every day.

Besides this being a delightful read for anyone who loves adventure, it is a valuable teaching tool that explains children with Asperger’s, justifying their individuality as valid and interesting.

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