Variety Village Heroes – For week of March 4th., 2013

Weightlifting Team


weightlifting-team (1)

About the Team

Olympic weightlifting trains the athlete for functional strength, utilizing the body’s major muscle groups.  Students are taught the two lifts of Olympic lifting: the snatch & the clean & jerk.  Training involves learning technique & building body strength necessary to perform the two Olympic lifts mentioned above.  Students can choose to join the Variety Village Weightlifting Team & compete in Olympic Weightlifting or use the benefits of training for this sport to help them excel in others.


Head Coach Abdalah Alsabai Abdalah brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the sport of weightlifting.  Training since 1989, he is both an Olympic athlete and a world champion.

Get Involved                                                            

For more information on the VVAC Weightlifting team please contact Chris Murdock

At 416-699-7167 ext. 255 or


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