Professor Owl’s Book Corner – Book of the week – February 25th.,2013

Nate Rocks the World [Kindle Edition]

Karen Pokras Toz (Author)

Kindle Edition




Nate Rules the World Book Cover.



Author Karen Pokras Toz has written a great book that is guaranteed to keep your young reader spellbound right to the very end.

Nathan Rockledge (Nate) is your typical ten year old boy who can never seem to win.  He feels that the life of a fourth grader can be dangerous as nothing ever goes right for him.  Everyone including best friend Tommy, seems to have bad luck when hanging out with Nathan.  He has an older sister Abby who he claims is a royal pain, a dad who is stuck in the past and who loves to tell his own childhood stories, a mom who is a dreadful cook and who he feels is trying to poison him.

He is not very good at sports or gym and does not like to join in the recess football games and will do anything to avoid them.  He is so much happier with a pad of paper and a pencil and loves to draw pictures, where Nate could rule the world.  Armed only with is sketchpad, his imagination, and his wits Nathan Rockledge navigates the dangers.

Things in Nate’s real life do not at all times go as planned, for example he had to do his science fair project with a girl who turned out to be not just any girl, but Lisa Crane, the only girl he did not wish to be matched up with!

He and his sister Abby do not get along very well, and when they each get a package for Christmas that tells them they are about to go on a trip, his sister whines and moans about not having anything to wear while Nate is thinking about all the exciting and endless possibilities they could meet with this trip .  When Nate needs a break from reality, he picks up his pad and pencil and creates the situation in a positive light which usually works in Nate’s favor.

This story is a very imaginative and creative story that I really enjoyed reading it.  I felt that Nate’s imagination and how he related to the world around him was both very funny and entertaining.  I enjoyed reading about each of the characters and how they interacted with Nate.  I loved the outcomes of his situations and how he accepted each curve ball thrown at him.  You will read how he hits a home run in the greatest baseball game in history, his travels in space, and he even helps a sick Santa by delivering the Christmas toys to the children around the world.

This is a story that will catch each child’s imagination so they will want to keep on reading.

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