Professor Owl’s Book Corner Book of the week – February 11th 2013


Jawbreakers [Kindle Edition]

Krystol (Author)

Kindle Version: CND$ 7.01

Jawbreakers cover

About the Story.

Zoela Best is the new girl at school. Trying to get used to the new school and the people, she meets Vincenza Catucci.

They are two peas in a pod until the  “Jawbreakers” make their presence known and tortures the girls with bullying and hazing. Vincenza and Zoela are asked to be a Jawbreaker and the two are ecstatic.  However, the leader has a trick up her sleeve to turn the two girls into enemies.  Will they see the danger ahead or will they put an end to the Jawbreakers once and for all?

I really enjoyed reading this book, every chapter kept me in suspense as to what would happen next.  This book was well written and not only covered a the very important subject of bullying it also showed how easy it could be to give in to peer pressure and drugs.  There was a little swearing in the book, but in my opinion this made the story more realistic.

I was able to relate to this book as being an “Air Force Brat” that moved around with my family a lot. This meant I had to move to several high schools and  had to try and fit in. Even though that was years ago, the problem with gangs and bullying, including peer pressure happened even then.  This is a great book for young adults especial new high school students..

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