Professor Owl’s Book Corner – Book of the week January 21st 2013

The Voyageurs

The Voyageurs (A North Woods Canoe Adventure)

by Bruce Stacy

Available – $8.95 US.$ Paperback

A thirteen year old boy named Ben is invited by his Uncle Jake to accompany him and their French-Canadian guide on their annual canoe-camping and fishing trip into the North Woods.

They fly to Duluth, Minnesota where they were met by their voyageur-like guide Mike, Mike then drives them to the outer edge of civilization and they launch their canoes into the wilderness.

The trip is a new beginning for Ben, who overcomes his lack of self-confidence while learning outdoor knowledge, the culture of a voyageurs, and solves a longstanding family mystery

This story is part educational, part history and part mystery wrapped in the magic of the Northland . . .

Professor Owl’s has read the book and this is his review on it:

Bruce Stacy’s writing paints this book with dense color. His characters are so well developed that I felt I knew them all very well and that I was actually on the trip myself fishing and camping. I don’t want to give anything away here, but it was a thoroughly satisfying and exciting read.