Health Awareness January 2013

January 20 to 26 Canada is holding its National Non-Smoking Week.

“Weedless” Wednesday: January 23rd, 2013.


“Weedless” Wednesday has been a most important point of National Non-Smoking Week almost from the start, focusing media and public attention on the benefits of stopping and the community resources available to help smokers quit.

The plan behind Weedless Wednesday is to encourage a “one day at a time” approach to quitting smoking, an idea appealing to many smokers who may be disheartened at the thought of an entire week — or lifetime — without cigarettes, but who may be able to cope with one smoke-free day.

Besides being terrible for your health, did you know?

1. Smoking is the No. 1 cause of preventable home fire deaths?
2. Good thing National Non-Smoking Week takes place from January 20 – 26!
3. National Non-Smoking Week was started about 30 years ago in Canada by the Canadian Council for Tobacco Control.
4. The goals of National Non-Smoking Week are:-

* To educate people about the dangers of smoking.
* To prevent non-smokers from picking up the habit.
* To help people quit smoking.
* To promote the right of every individual to breathe clean, unpolluted air.
* To help make our society smoke -free.
Why is smoking so bad?
* Tobacco use is the main cause of preventable disease, disability and premature death in North America.
* If you’re exposed to second-hand smoke (smoke from a smoker’s cigarettes), you may also have risks to your health, including a greater chance of getting bronchitis, pneumonia, ear infections and asthma.
How to help someone quit smoking
If someone you know needs to quit smoking, there are things you can do to help them:
* Tell them how much you love them and how proud of them you’ll be if they stop.

Read more: National Non-Smoking Week


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