Book of The Week ~ Gypsy Girl

Gypsy Girl

By Kristie Smith-Armand


Paperback, 31 Pages

Price: $10.26

Ships in 3–5 business day

Available Directly from the Lulu Book Store:

Gypsy Girl another wonderful book by Professor Owl’s favorite author, Kristie Smith-Armand. This is a wonderful story for children ages 5-10. Even though Gypsy Girl came into the world unloved, she warms our hearts, quickly becoming  one of the most loved characters.  Gypsy girl is endearing to us  since her mission  in life is to help others and them happy. Readers will be introduced to Gypsy Girl, her owner ~ Skye, Bucky the Bull Dog and many other friends that  teach children the importance of being compassionate and caring  towards others. Gypsy Girl travels around helping those who need her, then moves on again once she has accomplished her task. No matter where Gypsy Girl travels she always returns back home where she belongs, with Skye.

All in all, a well-written, sweet book created to inspire kids from all walks of life and one that kids will thoroughly enjoy.


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